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Certificate in MS-Office

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Microsoft Office is the world’s most popular productivity suite made by Microsoft, as a collection of computer programs for home users and business users. From administrative assistant jobs requiring a strong knowledge of Word to project management positions demanding strong Excel ability, Our training yields real benefits in the workplace.

  • Create documents, spreadsheets, and presentations that capture your ideas
  • Master routine word processing tasks
  • Easily format information in Excel with tools and auto-complete data
  • Easily incorporate content from PDFs and create Word documents
  • Make attention-grabbing presentations that relay information with style and flair
  • Design customized MARKETING materials that fit your brand and customers.

  • Microsoft
  • Inhouse Certification

    This course suits everyone who learns the basics of computer operation and word processing, to carry on routine daily operations and help them land employment or advance an existing career.

  • Computer Operator
  • Office Assistant
  • Admin Assistant
  • Windows Ms-Office (Word, Excel, Power Point )

    Concepts of Basic & Digital Electronics

    OS utilities

    Trouble Shooting

    Software Installations

    Internet(Browsing, chatting, email/voice chat)


  • (a) Word Processor, MS Word
  • b)Electronic Spreadsheet, MS Excel
  • Advanced MS Excel
  • (c) Presentation Package, MS PowerPoint
  • (d) RDBMS, MS Access